Cancellation/Refund Policy-

  1. In case of wrong credit of amount-
  2. Full amount (without any interest) will be credited in the right ledger of the customer in case of any wrong payment updation in software.

  3. In case of excess payment by the customer
  4. Excess paid amount will be refunded within 15 days of intimation by the payee.

  5. Cancellation Within 30 days of booking-
  6. If the Allottee wishes to cancel the booking within 30 days of the booking, refund of full amount within 15 days of such intimation will be done.

    However after the expiry of the thirty days duration from the booking, if the Allottee/Payee wishes to cancel his booking before completion of the Project without any fault of the Promoter, the Allottee/Payee will have to approach the Promoter for the same with a request of cancellation of the Unit and the same will be regulated as per the terms and conditions of the Builder Buyer Agreement executed between the parties.